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    Choice Of Game Industry

    1.4 M

    1.4M Registered Developers

    25 K

    25K Games made with Cocos

    1.6 B

    1.6 Billion Game Players

    Products & Services
    cocos creator main interface

    Cocos Creator

    Integrated game development tool centered on content creation

    Cocos Creator is a script development, entity-component and data-driven game development tool focused on content creation. It comes with an easy-to-follow content production workflow and a powerful suite of developer tools for game logic and high-performance game creation

    cocos2d-x main coding interface


    Open Source Cross-Platform Game Development Framework

    Cocos2d-x is a mature open source cross-platform game development framework that supports 2D and 3D game creation. The engine provides rich functions such as graphics rendering, GUI, audio, network, physics, user input, etc., and is widely used in game development and interactive application construction. Its core is written in C++ and supports development in C++, Lua or JavaScript. Cocos2d-x deploys to iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows and Mac systems with features focused on native mobile platforms.

    cocos analytics service Cocos Analytics
      Accurately understand how your game is being played and by what types of players. Cocos Analytics provides the data you need to know!
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    vip tech support service Vip Tech Support
      To help maximize the accessibility and easy to use of services from the developer to the gamer. We provide the documentation and information to help you understand our products and create 3rd party resources as well as direct technical support from cocos engine developers
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    cocos main services Cocos Service
      Cocos Service is the preferred platform for third-party services. By closely integrating third-party services with the Cocos game development workflow, it minimizes access costs for developers and offers more favorable prices.
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    Made with Cocos

    showcase: idle heroes game
    showcase: revenge of sultans game
    showcase: the king of figthers game
    showcase: love nikki game


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