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  • Cocos Creator 2.4.7 Continues Our Promise Of Legacy Compatibility

    2021.11.24 Official Blog by Luke

    Download Cocos Creator 2.4.7 in Cocos Dashboard

    We highly recommend that new developers and new projects move to Cocos Creator 3.x as our updates to 2.4 will be ending in the future. We have improved the quality of 2D games to be similar or better in Cocos Creator 3.3 or better.

    But for those who have already built their game using Cocos Creator 2.x, we hope this update helps you continue improving your games for the coming years. Though it’s been a long time since our last update, we have been updating the engine, editor, and other items to ensure it works with the latest devices and improves your work and game’s performance.

    Here are a few highlighted updates to the engine. For a complete list, check out our developer notes in our forums.


    • Upgrade Electron version to 13.1.4, and solve some WebGL errors that frequently occur on Windows. Also improves the support of M1 users.
    • Fix the problem that MD5 of some files may be changed after repeated construction


    • Fixed the problem of pre-loading pictures that did not download the auto atlas


    • Upgrade the Android project Gradle version to 4.2.2

    Download Cocos Creator 2.4.7 in Cocos Dashboard

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