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  • Cocos Creator Brings A New Mobile OS To The Engine

    2021.6.20 Official Blog by COCOS

    Download Cocos Creator 3.2 now via the Cocos Dashboard.

    We’ve been building our engine, and if you’ve seen our progress, we’re really speeding up our process in bringing more amazing features and upgrades to the engine.  This update is no exception as we bring about an operating system so new that we are the first game engine to support it.

    Though this update may improve many great things for Chinese developers, we think it shows many of the great things we are working on and will be sharing soon. We also have been adding many developers to the company not only in our home office but in our other offices around the country. We’re excited by their work and what we’ll be able to do with these new team members.

    So enjoy this update, and be ready for the future! For release notes, please follow this link.

    First game engine to support HarmonyOS

    Recently, Huawei announced they are leaving Android for their own operating system that is more connected to their IoT items and improves user experience. Starting this month, Huawei is rolling out HarmonyOS to phones and tablets, meaning millions of devices will be leaving Android. 

    For those worrying about their games today, HarmonyOS will allow for Android apps for now. But there will be new app development with different features only available with HarmonyOS phones as shared previously with the Huawei HMS support we added in version 3.1. Because of our work and support from Huawei, we are the first game engine in the world to support HarmonyOS.

    Cocos Creator supports HarmonyOS one-click packaging and building of .hap files. Building an app can be achieved by configuring the HarmonyOS SDK and NDK paths in the editor. For more detailed information on how to do this, please refer to this: https://github.com/cocos-creator/creator-docs/blob/v3.2-release/en/editor/publish/publish-huawei-ohos.md

    ByteDance mini-games now support PhysX

    Byte games on Douyin and Toutiao continue to improve as the mini games on these apps continue to add more support and features. One of the biggest that Cocos has implemented is the use of PhysX.  Now games made for Douyin 16.3 or higher can take advantage of better physics calculations. We have seen a tremendous jump in speeds with multi-thread and single-thread PhysX, allowing for almost double the speed increase with your games.

    To apply PhysX in single thread and multi-thread by checking the PhysX option in the build option.

    Download Cocos Creator 3.2 now via the Cocos Dashboard.

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