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  • Every Cocos Tutorial of 2020 – Part 2

    2020.12.24 App/Game Tutorials by COCOS

    We really had a lot of fun this year sharing some great tutorials for the year. The team had fun making them too. So we had to compile the rest of the tutorials together and give you a great list and a surprise one bonus list too.

    If you missed our last list, you can check it out here. But here is the final list of tutorials for 2020 and hoping to improve and add more for 2021!

    Video Tutorials

    Introduction To Cocos Creator 3.0

    How to bring your game to China

    Text Tutorials

    TypeScript resources for beginners


    Build your own custom plug-ins for Cocos Creator

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3


    Building page-turning visuals with ease


    Build your own Happy Glass physics


    Creating a custom vertex format that allows custom rendering

    Editing the coloring of enemies by changing the HSL to RGB


    Improving the performance of Cocos Creator by decreasing DrawCall


    Adding a texture to your lines


    Building radar charts


    Adding a flashlight or searchlight effect in your game

    Bonus! Chinese Tutorials as well!

    These tutorials were built by our Chinese team or game developers in China. We didn’t have the chance to translate all of them, but some awesome ones did come up in our WeChat account

    Create lipsyncing with just an audio file using this plug-in

    Improving asset management for large scale games using Cocos Creator

    Highly editable Chinese character editor for Cocos Creator


    Multi-language support with ESlint and Cocos Creator

    Grid and circular spacing for multiple objects plug-in

    SuperSu Racoon shares his research on LoS-2D vision, light and shadow


    Cocos Creator 2D lighting detailed explanation

    Optimizing memory resources with Cocos Creator

    Creating flame effects with Cocos Creator 3.0

    Cocos best practices: avoiding JavaScript compatibility issues

    A quick look at building shaders for Cocos Creator 3.0

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Building Fog with Cocos Creator 3.0

    Making two types of animation dynamic masks

    Behaviour Dog helps you build custom AI

    Improving your UI techniques with long time Cocos developer

    An introduction to building music-based games

    Modifying your UIWebView to WKWebView for Apple compliance

    Understanding the mesh mode for sprites in Cocos Creator

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