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  • cocos service quality control
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    Reliable And Officially Qualified Partners

    These services are brought to you from quality partners who have worked with us to make sure their products work without fail in Cocos Creator. We accept any partner that wants to help you create exceptional games today with excellent support and improved compatibility.

    cocos service intergation service
    cocos service intergation service icon

    One-click Integration Saves You Time And Effort

    Through the Cocos service panel, you can access the third-party service SDK with only one click. It is simple, easy to use, and efficient. Say goodbye to the tedious SDK access and testing process!

    cocos service compile service
    cocos service compile service icon

    Automatic Compilation, Cross Platform Compatible

    All Cocos Service SDKs are packaged for use across multiple platforms. Make calls to the SDK and Cocos Creator will direct them to the correct package for each platform like Android, iOS, and HTML5 without additional requirements.

    cocos service allinone service
    cocos service allinone service icon

    One Account, All Services

    Activate any service from your account and have access to that service in any of your projects in just one click. Manage which 3rd-party services are available in each project from your Cocos Account Center.

    cocos service discount
    cocos service discount icon

    Get Developers Together, Share the Best Price

    Cocos Service allows for group purchases among team members and communities. Now you can get great paid services at a discount, saving you more money in your game development costs.

    Cocos Offers The Best Third-party Services Inside Cocos Creator

    Add the best development tools from our partners without the need to install an SDK. Integrated services that can save you money, time, and improve your game.

    Recommended Services

    cocos agora voice service
    cocos agora voice service icon

    Agora Voice

    A built-in real-time audio SDK. Sound network is stable, low-power, 76ms ultra-low latency globally (200+ data center coverage).

    cocos analytics service
    cocos analytics service icon

    Cocos Analytics

    Accurately understand how your game is being played and by what types of players. Cocos Analytics provides the data you need to know!

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