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    VIP Tech Support

    Let us help you improve your game’s potential



    • Online support and offline resources
    • 5*12 online support
    • Help answer your questions with Cocos software


    • Lectures by Senior Cocos engineers
    • Tailored courses according to your business needs
    • Diversified content, precise training

    Project Evaluation

    • Provide a complete technical assessment of the project
    • Find efficiency issues

    VIP Service
    VIP Services give you full service from Cocos technicians as well as additional support.
    • VIP Services come with technical support, training, project evaluation as well as:
    • 1. Brand endorsement/online promotion: Cocos will promote your company and product to our over 1 million developers.
    • 2. Offline salon and presentation: Be a free member and speaker at our salons given worldwide to Cocos developers and fans.
    • 3. Get advanced betas of Cocos software.
    • 4. Cocos Store Discounts: Receive discounts at the Cocos Store that can be used for many services and products.
    • 5. Recruitment support: Allow us to help you in your HR work by providing talent recruitment (Only available in China).

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